‘this property line all the way up to heaven…’

My neighbor has a tree right at the property line which got caught up in some wind causing one of the larger limbs to only half-detach from the trunk. The limb hasn’t actually fallen, but is literally hovering over my yard. I had tried my 1st 2-3 weeks in my new home to meet the new neighbor but he would run/hide when I’d make an appearance. One day he saw me, screamed across the yard ‘What you want?!’ I hurried to meet him, stuck my hand out to shake it , he’d have nothing to do w/it. I tried to explain the situation, suggesting he take the short walk to the back yard to look at it. He started laughing at me & said ‘Sweetie, its time you learn this property line all the way up to heaven is YOUR responsibility. You can call an f#@%’ing attorney’ & walked away. I have waved & said hi every chance I get; the tree is still there after 2 months. I’m really bummed…as a 1st time homeowner I was really looking forward to being friends w/my neighbor.

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can’t see to get out

The house across the street from me, the children are really sweet…the parents however leave a lot to be desired. They do not take care of their home/yard.  They have a garage and an extra parking space next to their garage yet they park their HUGE vehicles on my side of the street (no parking on their side) on either side of my driveway. This is a very busy street and I cannot see at all either way when exiting my driveway. The cars coming down the street can’t see me either. I am going to be killed and that is the truth. I told them I can’t see and guess what?   They don’t care.  I am disabled and have a small income…so another home is out.   Just sad.

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walk the talk, please.

My neighbors invite me to Bible study almost weekly. The sad thing is, I’m not sure they have read it.
In the last 5 years, they have:
1) not paid for the 50ft of fence they ruined when a tree from their yard was knocked – by them – into ours,
2) claim not to have hit my car with their RV (despite the 3 ft smear of my very unique paint on their bumper and my crumbled side panel), and
3) not replaced the roofing as promised on the garage when a tree limb from their tree fell on the garage.
We basically have to confront them to get them to “own” up to any issues. Add to that, they are mean to their dog!

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…that’s when the craziness began.

During my childhood years my parents built their dream house. This house was supposed to be the house they would retire in. Then we met the neighbors. At first they seemed fine, nothing out of the ordinary. There was mom,dad and 3 kids, who were several years younger than my brother and I. After being in our new home for a while, the neighbors son started coming over wanting to play with my brother. My brother wasn’t interested in playing with someone 6 years younger. He tried to avoid him, but that’s when the craziness began. Our neighbor started calling the cops on my brother for no reason at all. Every morning we would have bottles of alcohol thrown into our yard.One night my parents woke up to noises in our front yard. They found all their fall decor, pumpkins, hay bales, etc. thrown all over. My dad went outside and found our neighbor sneaking around the side of our house. Needless to say the cops were called on her, and there was a for-sale sign up in our yard the next day!

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rescued dogs = huge surprises

We have lived next door to a wonderful police officer for 30yrs. His family has gotten two huge rescue dogs a few yrs ago.(Sweetest dogs) The problems is they let them wonder even though they have a fenced in yard and they use our yard as a toilet all the time. I have told that I love the dogs but walking to get the mail and stepping on a “HUGE surprise” isn’t fun. They are polite and come pick it up and say sorry but the next day SURPRISE! I am elderly and can’t bend. Please people, pick up your dogs mess!! I don’t mind them going – it’s grass – but not picking it up is horrible and who wants to call in on friends and (an officer…)

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those who throw stones…

We don’t have a fenced yard, so we tie our little 20lbs dog up out front. One time she got out and ran into the neighbors yard (I didn’t notice she got off her chain) …I hear a banging on my door, its my neighbor, standing out there SCREAMING at me to “contain” my dog, while he is throwing small rocks at her.  My 2 year out daughter was screaming because someone was hurting her dog.  I yelled at him to get off my property, slammed the door, and he stood in my front yard for 20 min still screaming about a leash law.  Then he got in his truck and parked outside my driveway for another 15-20 min. In the end, he was the one who got in trouble for throwing rocks at her.

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run off with a hatchet!

When I was 5, we moved into a new house near University Park Mall right around the 4th of July. In those days, the city used to light fireworks off from the mall. We lived down a dead end street, so we brought out our lawn chairs and set them up in the road at the end of the block so we could see the fireworks. No sooner had we sat down when the neighbor (whose house we were in front of) came running out WITH A HATCHET screaming for us to get off her property! Mind you, we were in the road. How’s that for a welcome wagon? The neighbor next to her was no better. He spent most of his time skunk drunk and preferred to mow his grass on the riding lawn mower IN THE BUFF! I’m sure I have been scarred for life.

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little cookie thief

When my wife and I were first married we lived in a small apartment building. Very cozy and simple for newlyweds.
My wife accused me one evening of eating her blueberry yogurts out of the fridge. I assured her that there was no way I would touch her yogurt or anyone else’s yogurt. In the days to follow cookies, candy and other snacks came up missing. In checking with our neighbors they were experiencing missing sweets as well.  Finally, the little 8 year old thief was caught by the lady next door who had set a trap of fresh cookies on the table. The little guy was sneaking and hoarding sweets thru the back. The poor child was not allowed to have sweets at all.  The police came and talked to the parents. The parents of course were mortified. I give them the bad neighbor badge for not allowing the little guy to have sweets at any time.  When I asked the policeman what he was going to do with the little guy he smiled and said he was going to take him to Dairy Queen.

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don’t eat the yellow snow!

Our family lived on the ground floor of a two story apartment building when our first born had just started walking. The first big snowfall of the winter happened over a Friday night. Our upstairs neighbors just happened to take that opportunity to have a get together with some friends (aka: a drunken college beer fest).

After a long night of loud music, loud talking and what sounded like herds of college students migrating across the apartment upstairs, we get out little pumpkin all dressed in her snowsuit, complete with matching hat, gloves and boots. We get the cameras and hike out into the 12 inches of snow to our patio to allow our big girl to play in snow for the first time. Unfortunately, the gentlemen (I use that term loosely) attending the party the night before used the balcony of the upstairs apartment as an extra restroom. There was no pure white snow within striking distance of their balcony. Our entire patio area was a disgusting yellow mess!  I had heard the phrase “don’€™t eat the yellow snow”€, but until that moment I had never actually seen any.

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cat math

We made a big decision to move to the “city” to escape a neighbor who bred & kept up to 14 dogs at a go. The yard smelled so bad you couldn’t sit outside when it was hot & the husband let the dog’s out when he came home from work..at 3:00 in the morning! So the city has been different. The new neighborhood is over run with ferrel cats. I trap them & the city collects them. They litter in my garden, torment my pets & leave their kittens under my deck. My neighbor quit speaking to us & calls me a despicable human. Read these cat facts:
Just allow two cats and their surviving offspring to breed for 10 years. In that time, you’ll produce 80,399,780 cats (this assumes two litters per year and 2.8 surviving kittens per litter).
First year: 12
Second year: 66
Third year: 382
Fourth year: 2,201
Fifth year: 12,680
Sixth year: 73,041
Seventh year: 420,715
Eighth year: 2,423,316
Ninth year: 13,968,290
Tenth year: 80,399,780 YIKES
So who is the bad neighbor?

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gun shots just 6 feet away

Shortly after moving into our house and the birth of our daughter we had an interesting incident with our neighbors. We get home from shopping and I have my daughter in my arms…… when next thing you know I hear gun shots. I turn around to find that the company at the neighbors house were shooting at a car passing by not 6 feet behind us. They then jump in the car and chase them.

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shot gun chickens

When we lived in the country, in a different state, a couple lived in a trailer on our property. Nice couple, but he raised chickens…free range chickens. These chickens loved my front porch and were very noisy. They roosted at night in a tree close to my kitchen. Very, very loud roosters that woke extremely early. One day, after chasing them off of my porch for the hundredth time, I yelled over to the neighbor in my frustration. He went into the trailer, got his shot gun, and shot every one of the chickens.

I felt like the bad neighbor too.

Then two days later our dog was hit in the road. This neighbor buried the dog in the side yard while it was pouring rain.
Six months later, my husband had to re bury the dog again, because it was not buried deep enough the first time. My hubby was not too happy!

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chugging milk

Our next door neighbors were a couple of college guys who rented the house. They would go to the bars with friends and when the bar closed would come back to the house (around 2:00 a.m.) and continue their party. One night I was awakened by the sound of vomiting. Inspired by MTVs Jackass, they were having a competition. Two guys were chugging milk as fast as they could until they threw up. All while a bunch of drunk loud friends urged them on. That was the night we decided it was time to move.

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stereotypical cat lady

We had the stereotypical cat lady across the street. She took in strays, and always put out extra food. As a result, every cat in the neighborhood would come by for a snack! While most were cute, the feral ones were dirty and filthy. We’d find a cat in the engine block during the winter, trying to keep warm. We also lived on a busy street so once I had to break out the shovel to scrape a cat off the road.

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too lazy to contact a Realtor

Since moving into our home three years ago, the house next door has been vacant. Through some questioning, we found out that the homeowner had passed away and the house was in possession of her daughter who lives locally. The vacant house is overgrown with weeds, the paint is peeling on the house and there are rumors that there is black mold growing in the house. The lawn is infrequently mowed and snow is never shoveled on the sidewalk. When the homeowner’s daughter was asked about the house, she has simply responded that she doesn’t care and is too lazy to contact a Realtor to sell it. So…it sits empty as an eyesore to the neighborhood.

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3rd story basketball

We used to live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex with 3 floors. The 3rd floor apartment had 12 foot vaulted ceilings. The neighbors who lived directly above us decided to take advantage of the vaulted ceilings by adding a basketball hoop in their apartment. All hours of the day and night we heard the dribbling of the basketball and the cheers or our upstairs neighbors yelling things like:
“3 Pointer!”
“That’s a foul!”
“Slam Dunk”
As well as many other expletives when plays didn’t go quite as planned.

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whose walnuts are they?

The neighbor across the street from me, who was completely OCD, used to pitch walnuts from his yard into ours rather than pick them up himself. This may have made sense if we were the only ones with the walnut trees, but he too had walnut trees!! The walnuts must have been coded, unbeknown to me, according to whose tree they fell out of!!

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